The laser delivers concentrated light deep into your body improving circulation to all cells, improving the health of the mitochondria (power pack of the cell), and supporting increased healing of tissues (nerve, muscle,skin). Bells Palsy patients have been discharged after four or five treatments. It also helps with carpal tunnel syndrome, wound healing, peripheral nerve damage, and recent sprains/strains Unlike high-power medical laser, which is widely used to safely cut and remove tissue, the Low Level Laser penetrates the surface of the skin with no heating effect or damage.

The energy is directed deep into the affected area stimulating the body’s cells, which convert the energy into chemical energy to promote natural healing. Cold laser is often likened to “acupuncture with laser beams”. In most LLL treatments the laser beam is used to stimulate the body’s accupoints or damaged area in an attempt to increase the blood supply to parts of the body. The energy from the laser may penetrate as deep as 2 inches into the body based on the power of the laser and other variables.

The wavelength of the laser light ranges from 635 to 970 nanometers. The power level of medical grade cold lasers ranges from 10 milliwatts to 7500 milliwatts. This energy can be created using one or an array of laser diodes. An array of lasers allows a wider treatment area. Since finding the troubled spot deep inside the tissue is an “educated guess”, it can be very useful to cover a larger area with an array. This increases the probability of energizing the problem area and also helps increase the energy in the area surrounding the problem area.

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